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Are you sure that you know what you don’t want to do?

One of my biggest struggles when job-hunting was figuring out what I wanted to do. What I didn’t struggle with, was what I did not want to do. Specifically, I was sure that I didn’t want to work in sales.

However, as my job-hunt progressed, I found myself questioning that assumption.

I had determined that I didn’t want to move to another city. I also knew that I wanted to earn a certain amount of money. With my education, skills and experience, the best way to find a job in my area, paying the amount I wanted to earn, was to look for a sales job.

As I looked in more detail, it became very clear to me that not all sales jobs were the high-pressure, cold-calling type of work that I wanted to avoid. I was still wary, but I did allow myself to be open to sales roles.

In the end, I landed a role working for a great company, in their business development (sales) department. The role had a lot in common with my previous work in customer service and was never about pushing people to buy (though I did have targets). I stayed for a few years and gained so much, personally and professionally, from the experience. I was so grateful that I had looked in to sales in more detail and had found a job that was such a good fit for me. As we are launching Matchitude, I am influenced by the lessons I learnt there about understanding and meeting customers' requirements.

You may have always assumed that you wouldn't want to work in an office, in sales, with animals or in a particular industry. And you may well be right! But if you're looking for a change, it might be worth doing a little research and making sure that you’re not closing doors that might actually be fun to walk through.

One of the things that we are passionate about at Matchitude, is encouraging out-of-the-box thinking in recruitment. An employer can find someone who has all the right transferable skills but who would never read a job advert for the role because they would see the job title and think it wasn’t for them. A candidate can discover a whole new world of career possibilities when they can easily share what they can offer with everyone. So next time an employer sends you an enquiry for a job that you would have never considered applying for, take a moment to ask yourself if this might be just the change that you’re looking for.

Are you sure that you know what you don’t want to do?
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