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The Beginning

After two years in development, matchitude.com has launched!

The process has been challenging at times, with many hurdles to overcome and we are so excited that the site is now live!

In many ways, this feels like the beginning. It is so great to see candidates creating prospecti and to receive feedback from people who are actually using the site. But really, the Matchitude story began two years ago and I'd like to take the time to share with you why we decided to create this platform in the first place.

It began with Clive, one of our founders. He is a small business owner and has recruited many people over the last thirty years. Over time he has become increasingly disillusioned with the prevailing recruitment models; he felt that he didn't have enough control over the process when using a recruitment agency and wasn't sure that he was getting good value for money.

When an employee handed in their notice in mid-2015, Clive decided to “go online and to see who was looking for that kind of job in Sheffield”. To his surprise, there was no website where people could tell him, an employer, the kind of work that they were looking for. Business networking sites were too complicated and it was not always clear who was looking for new opportunities, while CV databases were too much work (and often out of date).

In a day and age where you can search for, and find, anything on the Internet, he found it surprising that employers still have to post "looking for" adverts when they are ready to hire someone new.

Out of this experience, the idea for Matchitude was born.

Matchitude is a platform where people can clearly and anonymously explain what kind of work they are looking for. Employers can see who is available in their area at no cost, only paying when they are ready to contact someone. Information is in a consistent format to make shortlisting easy.

Matchitude is designed to be simple and direct, harnessing the power of the internet to connect employers and candidates in a new way. And it all began with one person saying "I wonder who's looking for work near here?"

The Beginning
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