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How our self-taught CTO got started in Web Development

In 2014, I moved to the UK to get married. I left behind a job that was familiar and paid well to begin a new life in a new culture.

I decided that when I moved, I was going to change both my career and how I looked for work.

Previously, I had been happy to work wherever I could find a job and had made my living in the construction industry. However, I had always dreamed of being a software developer. I just hadn’t been brave enough to pursue it and had kept finding all sorts of excuses to not try.

I decided it was time to stop making excuses and change my life.

Instead of spending my evenings in front of the TV, I signed up for online courses on Udemy and Coursera that taught programming languages and information security. I had studied Computer Science in university a long time ago, but so much had changed in ten years that there was a lot to learn.

I worked hard. I got the hang of Python, Ruby, Swift. I kept chipping away at light C++ projects; I basically lived night and day to learn.

When I moved to the UK, I started looking for work, every day. Every day I got up, got dressed, and viewed the task of finding a job as my job. In addition to signing up for a few jobs websites, I started Googling businesses within about 30 miles of where I lived and cold-calling (and emailing) them, trying to sell my skills and, even more importantly, my passion.

That’s how I started working at my first job after arriving in the UK; one of the businesses that I approached referred me to another which was willing to give me a chance. They saw my passion and the work I had been putting in during my spare time and took a chance on an aspiring developer with little JavaScript knowledge or industry experience.

I believe the key to landing that job was my passion for learning. Even now, I often spend my “off” hours as an entrepreneur doing almost exactly the same thing that I do at work - building web applications, playing with new tech and advancing my skills in various languages.

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How our self-taught CTO got started in Web Development
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